The 3 Reasons Why Car Insurance Is So Expensive In Ashburn & How A New Bill Will Put Money Back In Your Pocket

Ashburn, Virginia: There is a new Senate Bill your car insurance company is raising hell about. This is because the new Senate Bill could put a stop to the 3 reasons why Louisianan’s car insurance is so high.

Here Are The 3 Reasons Your Insurance Is So Damn High

  1. Sue Happy Drivers Abusing The Court System
  2. Uninsured & Under-Insured Drivers
  3. Fraud

Sue Happy Drivers Abusing The Court System

Louisiana has the perfect sh*t storm of…

  • The Most Car Accidents of Any State
  • The Most Car Injury Lawsuits of Any State
  • VERY Friendly Car Lawsuit Judges

As a result, our state pays the most in “car injury fees”. Here is how it works. After a Louisiana driver gets in a car wreck, they likely sue for bodily injury. Often the lawsuit adds up to less than $50,000. Any lawsuit less than $50,000 goes to your local judge. Your local judge tends to vote in favor of the driver versus the insurance company. Sounds good right? There is just one problem…

YOU Are The One Paying For All These Lawsuits

Car insurance companies are forced to pay out millions of dollars in Louisiana car wreck lawsuits. Where do you think they are getting the money to pay for all this? They get it by charging you some of the nation’s highest car insurance fees. We will talk about this more later when we get to FRAUD. Last year the Louisiana Department of Insurance approved double digit rate increases for 5 major insurance companies. This means you could be paying twice as much as you did last year and may pay even more in the future.

Uninsured & Under-Insured Drivers

Louisiana has the most car wrecks of any state. Yet, about 20% of Louisianans drive without insurance because they can’t afford it and over 50% of Louisianans are under-insured having just liability coverage because they cannot afford full coverage. What this means for you is 7 out of 10 drivers in Louisiana do not have car insurance or just have liability. This is bad because you have the highest chance of getting into a car accident. And, when you do get into an accident the other driver is highly likely to not have insurance or just have liability. And, you are likely to get sued by the other driver, even if it’s their fault. This makes it VERY risky for car insurance companies in Louisiana. To cover the risk, they charge you more for car insurance.

We spoke with Jenny G. from Ashburn. She was rear ended by an uninsured driver. Her car only had liability, so her insurance company would not help pay for the damage.

She needed to switch car insurance companies, so she could save money, get full coverage and never worry about getting hit by uninsured drivers again. Her boss has always been good with money, so she asked him for advice.

He looked over her coverage and saw she was paying triple what he pays for insurance, yet she drove fewer miles and had less tickets. He told her about Senate Bill 382 and how he was able to find a couple of car insurance companies that were already honoring the bill.

Her husband Chris usually handled all the insurance bills but he had the flu and was in no shape to call anyone. So, Jenny was forced to do her own research.
Jenny entered her zip code at Louisiana Consumer Shield and was furious when she saw her local insurance agent had been ripping her off for the last 8 years.

“I Lowered Our Insurance By 75% AND Got Better Coverage Thanks To Senate Bill 382. My Old Insurance Agent Is A Damn Criminal For Not Telling Me About This. I Only Wish I Found Out About This Bill Sooner.”

– Jenny G.


A large percentage of car accident bodily injury claims in Louisiana are fake. These fake claims cost the car insurance companies millions of dollars a month. The number one suspected reason for so much fraud is people want to take advantage of the overly friendly court system. They know if they sue, they have a high chance of winning. With so much money going towards fraud, the insurance companies charge you hundreds more to cover the cost and make up for the risk.

How Senate Bill 382 Will Put Money In Your Pocket

Senate Bill 382 is the most aggressive car insurance reform the Louisiana Senate has ever introduced. This is because it will attack Louisiana’s high car insurance rates at the root. It will make it much harder for someone to abuse the court system when they get in a car wreck. This means:

  • Car Insurance Companies Can Afford To Charge You Less
  • You Will No Longer Pay All Those Extra Fees
  • There Will Be Less Insurance Fraud

This Bill has not been passed but a few companies have already prepared for it by giving Louisianans quotes that include this new bill & any discounts they may qualify for. Louisiana Consumer Shield is the best sites we’ve seen for quotes that include the new Senate Bill 382 rules.

Are You Being Overcharged?

Jenny G. was. Below is an example of the saving she received after doing her research.

Like most Louisiana drivers you are probably paying too much for car insurance. Unfortunately, most people do not know about Senate Bill 382. Even less people know about sites like Louisiana Consumer Shield.

Are you being overcharged for your auto insurance? Take 60 seconds and find out if your zip code is eligible for Senate Bill 382 today. This may save you a shocking amount of money.

Here’s How You Do It:

Step 1: Tap The Link Below

Step 2: Enter Your Zip Code

TIP: (You are never locked into your current policy. You can cancel at any time and your remaining balance will be refunded)

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